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hello dear doctor.i have sometimes mood problems,i am taking medicine for it.would you please tell me how can i feed my brain in order to work(or help him work)properly.all the best

Dannie Levitt

My husband and I are in our early 60’s. We have spent our entire lives eating what some would consider a typical American diet: meats, potatoes, and dairy products. 2 years ago my husband suffered a stroke, he regained his walking ability but his mind was not so sharp anymore. I found this amazing book called The 7 Steps to a Healthy Brain by Dr. Paul Winner to be very helpful in getting my husband and me on the right path to better brain health. We follow Dr. Winners 7 Steps to a Healthy Brain and my hubby’s mind is getting back to his normal self. As a treat to our healthier life we just got back from a 10-day cruise. Our neighbors were amazed at all of the thrilling places we went to see and my husband’s detailed stories about the trip. I need to say a warm thank you to Dr. Paul Winner for giving my husband back to me and to our new sense of health and well-being.


Hi............Your blog posting is very good.Thanks


Great post. Very informative and helpful for women who really care about their health.

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